Paper Finishes

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There are lots of different types of paper finishes within the coated variety rather than the un-coated variety. Un-coated papers are typically the ones that people write things on as opposed to the ones that are used in printing. Coating and finishes are often going to be the same thing and they are often going to be grouped in the same way, which is going to make a difference for a lot of people.

Coated papers come in many different varieties, including silks, mattes, glosses, and watermarked papers.

Gloss coating is one of the most popular of all of the different types of coating. However, some people have a problem with the glare from the gloss coating. Paper like this will typically be very soft and shiny, and this might be a problem for some applications.

Matte finishes are similar compared to gloss finishes, but they are rougher than what you would get with gloss finishes.

Lots of people like the silk finish because of how it feels to the touch. Silk finishes will tend to add a touch of class, style, and luxury to a lot of different printed publications.

Recycled paper can have coating and finishes or no coating and no finishes. Recycled paper is made from the wood pulp of previously used paper, and a lot of people will use it in order to conserve the natural resources that are used in this category. Recycled paper often seems similar to its counterparts, although it might have a somewhat thinner or rougher look.

Vellum these days typically refers to the synthetic parchment and not the stuff that is actually made from the skins of cows, which would have been the case historically. Paper vellum is an alternative to the vellum of old. It is synthetic and it is made from plasticised cotton as opposed to the skin of calves. Vellum paper is parchment, and it tends to be used for things like graduation certificates and a lot of other really formal documents.

Most high-quality writing paper will be bond paper, since bond paper is typically going to be a lot thicker than some of the other forms of paper that people can purchase today.

The paper finishes are all really important and they can have a huge effect on the actual use of paper, because they have such a huge effect on the texture and the quality of the paper in general.